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Just when you thought you got the hang of things as a BrandNewMom, a new hurdle comes your way. When teething starts to rear its’ ugly head, you can say goodbye to your newly established sleep routine! It will leave you feeling, at times, desperate for anything that will remedy the pain. Let’s explore what teething symptoms to look for and what teething tips for baby (natural and conventional) I found helped soothe my LO sore gums thus far.

What to look for

Although my LO never really adhered to much of a sleep routine, I could tell there was something new keeping him up at night. It was around the 3 month mark when his cheeks would turn beet red, his forehead would be very warm, and I could feel his gums changing. Developmentally, the tumultuous time of teething can start at any time in infancy but starts most commonly around the 6-8 month mark through 24 months. Usually the first teeth to come in are the top front or top bottoms. If yours is “lucky” like my LO, he/she might get all 4 at the same time! Here is a helpful infographic on baby teething. Some of the additional teething symptoms can include pulling the ears, rubbing cheeks/face, drooling, pointing to mouth, putting fingers in mouth, sudden painful cries, fever, diarrhea, and rash. Our poor little ones go through so much physiological change in their first few years- I’d probably cry all the time too!  Here are 10 both natural and conventional teething tips to help soothe your baby’s sore gums!


Cold wash cloth

My LO would oddly enough only take advantage of this soothing remedy while he was in the tub. While it’s probably not the most ideal environment to be putting anything in one’s mouth, he seemed to really enjoy it! We just wet the wash cloth and he would suck away. You can also put a wet cloth in the freezer for an extra special treat.



I figured all babies drooled but my LO didn’t drool excessively unless he was in dire pain. Traditional bibs worked okay on normal days but for those doozy days, we used plastic backed bibs to prevent soaking through. Patting the drool off the chin helps to prevent rash and discomfort as well. If you are not into those bib designs, try these more fashionable varieties!

Frozen Bread or Fruit


With supervision, allowing LO to gum down on some frozen bagels or fruit is also a great option. However once they do have a few teeth, you want to be extra careful to watch for broken off chunks. A great treat we made for our LO was frozen banana “ice cream”! I used my Yonana Frozen treat Maker to make smooth, healthy, all natural baby ice cream! It’s not only for babies either! If you have a sensitivity to lactose, are vegan or eat dairy free, this is a great ice cream alternative! Stay tuned for a future recipe post and tutorial!

Baltic Amber Teething Jewelery


To be honest, at first, I really thought this was more of a gimmick than anything. But after some research, I learned that Baltic amber is a natural occurring resin from the Earth. If different fruits, vegetables and herbs have medicinal properties, why couldn’t naturally occurring resin? The idea is that the heat of your body warms the Baltic amber which, causes a chemical reaction that releases a natural pain relieving agent through your skin.

After trying it for a few weeks, I did see the LO’s drooling was limited and he seemed to be generally a bit more happy. They come in a variety of colours and textures, not to mention, looks really cute too! They aren’t just for babies either! Having chronic knee pain, my husband ended up getting one for himself! It is recommended however, that you take the amber off while applying lotions, while bathing and during sleep (if necklace).

Teething toys


Liquid filled teethers are generally not recommended by paediatricians as the plastic breaks down over time and the liquid could leak out. Having said that, if your baby does not have ANY teeth, this can be soothing if cooled in the refrigerator for an hour or so. Once my LO had some teeth, he became less and less interested in these anyway.

Another popular baby shower gift is the NUBY ring and similar rings. These tend to be best for babies with top and bottom teeth that are about to cut through the gums, as the plastic “beads” are quite hard.

A soft chew crinkle toy is a great idea because it has the large eyes babies love, soft textures for their fingers to explore and the rubbery areas to soothe the gums. My LO absolutely ADORED his Sophie the giraffe!! It was just the perfect size, weight for him to hold and had the perfect crevices for him to wrap his mouth around!



As you may have come to learn, I am a huge babywearing advocate! If you are new to it or on the fence about it, have a look at my Babywearing 101 quick guide. Studies have shown, babies that are worn cry less! So if your LO is having one of those days where nothing seems to be working, it’s a safe bet a ride in a carrier can help to provide some close comfort. Don’t be surprised if your husband ends up wearing the SCC more than you do!



Some have argued that Homeopathic medicine for babies is nothing more than buying really expensive doses of water. But when your babe is in pain, sometimes you are willing to try anything to help them feel better. The active ingredients in Camilia are said to temporarily soothe teething pain. We found it actually was helpful until the molars started coming in. Then we had to look into something that would not only ward off the pain but keep his fever at safe levels.


After trying many natural teething tips and tricks, LO’s pain, comfort and fever needed some serious managing! Our doctor recommended Motrin for babies. We were reluctant to try it at first but nothing else seemed to be working. Low and behold, our lil guy was finally able to smile and laugh again, his symptoms finally subsided and mom and dad were finally able to sleep a bit longer.

Some of these tips and tricks were used in combination, tried and rejected and then tried again at a later time. While we hoped to stay as natural as possible with soothing techniques, when it came to molar time, we ended up seeing the best results with the Motrin.

Comment below with some of your tips and tricks for a teething baby.


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35 Comments on 10 Teething Tips for Baby

  1. The BEST thing in the whole world for me was the Baltic Amber necklace. My poor child would wake up in the middle of the night in hysterics from the pain of teething and I tried everything: Tylenol, Motrin, Hylands teething tablets, etc. The best thing that worked for us was the amber. And you’re right about wearing him. I would throw on my Boba SSC and walk around with him when he was in hysterics. That would help calm him down some.

    Also, I would put frozen pears or apples in a mesh sack for him to chew/suck on and he would love it. #MommyMeetupMondays
    Lissette recently posted…Tips: Nebulizer TreatmentsMy Profile

    • Great tip about the mesh sack! We had one of those too but unfortunately we ruined it early on and never ended up replacing it! Yay for babywearing!

  2. Wonderful tips! Frozen fruit and cold washcloths were my little one’s favorites when she was teething. We also did the Motrin and Oragel when needed. I’ll definitely keep the natural solutions you mentioned in the back of my mind for next time around!

    Thank you for sharing with us at #MommyMeetupMondays!
    Brandyn recently posted…Mommy Meetup Mondays Week #10My Profile

  3. My sister’s baby is teething right now and the one he likes the most is a cold rag. My sister puts it in the freezer for a bit, and when he gets it, he is so happy!

    Thanks for sharing your great tips at Inspire Me Mondays!
    Brandi Clevinger recently posted…My Fibro JournalMy Profile

  4. As an ‘old’ mom I haven’t kept up with the times! There were two things on here I have never tried. My 10 mo has 1 tooth and the whole process looks like it will be long and miserable for her! Thanks for commenting on my blog, btw!
    Crystal recently posted…I Love Bloglovin’My Profile

    • It’s so hard to believe that the pain they bear is more than an adult can handle. They are such resilient lil babies!

  5. Hylands teething tablets, motrin and gnawing on my fingers was about all I could do to soothe my babies’ gums. We didn’t call it babywearing then, but extra love and snuggles were of course the best remedy. I loved that carrier and held them there till they outgrew it. Hylands worked the best for us though.

    Thanks for sharing with Small Victories Sunday Linkup. Pinning to our linkup board and hope you share up to 3 posts with us next weekend too! Would love if you’d add our linkup to your linky party page. You’ve got a great list started!
    Tanya @ Mom’s Small Victories recently posted…Small Victories Sunday Linkup {40} – Now Partying on 8 Blogs!My Profile

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