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If you’re a dreamer like me, the idea of getting pregnant, dawning a brilliant glow and cushy curves had me envisioning pregnancy as some sort of ethereal state of wonder. There would be pixie dust and lace headbands, luscious lumps and bubblegum cheeks! Of course it wouldn’t be all about me…there would also be lots of nesting and baby closet curating to be done! Now you get to shop for two!!

I mean, hurling into a porcelain bowl and swollen ankles could NOT be MY experience! I forebode it! I definitely don’t believe in Earthly Karma but know God has a sense of humour. And wouldn’t you know it, I doth profess too much! I ended up, ‘err, blessed with a few other anomalies of pregnancy to make up for it! Here are 3 unsuspecting things/conditions I experienced during pregnancy.

Linea Nigra

This wonderful charm is very common among pregnant women. However, having a darker complexion seems to magnify the condition ten fold! All of a sudden it looked like a fifth-grader took a brown Sharpie and drew a line from my pubic bone past my belly button! Okay, that is probably an exaggeration but it did get darker than in the picture! The cause being the good ‘ol hormones! Thankfully it had no bearing on the health of baby, was purely cosmetic, and completely disappeared 4 months post partum!

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No, don’t get excited! You don’t get a puppy! The acronym stands for “Pruritic Urticarial Papules and Plaques of Pregnancy”. Talk about stellar alliteration!

It wasn’t until the third trimester when I was hit with a few more challenges. One morning I woke up and it felt like my baby bump was rolled in a pit full of poison ivy!! There was an incredibly itchy red rash across my belly and it seemed to be taking over at an alarming rate! The cause is unknown. However, its common in the third trimester, is benign and did go away after 2 weeks of agonizing itching. Witch-hazel-soaked tissues draped over my belly was the only temporary soothing relief I could find and I tried EVERYTHING natural I could get my hands on! (I did have a picture of this at one time but must have deleted it out of my adverse feelings towards it!)

Diastasis Recti

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I actually remember hearing about this at a in-law family reunion when I was six months pregnant. My cousin in law who was also pregnant with her 4th came over and said, ” well you look great! Did your abs separate yet?” I had a look of complete horror on my face. Did my abs what?!? Suddenly I felt like an X-Men mutant. What was going to happen to my body??!!

 Diastasis recti is a fairly common condition of pregnancy and postpartum in which the right and left halves of Rectus Abdominis muscle spread apart at the body’s mid line fascia, thelinea alba. (source

Awesome!! (Insert sarcasm here) I had forgotten all about this until one day post-partum, my stomach made the weirdest noise. It kind of sounded like it was hollow and air was trapped inside my belly. I did a personal separation test and sure enough I had Diastasis Recti. Thankfully again, this was/is not permanent and can be mended by doing various exercises.

What pregnancy anomalies did you experience?

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31 Comments on 3 Surprises in Pregnancy! (TMI)

  1. Ooh. I had that first one – for all 4 of my pregnancies. But I never had the other two. That 3rd one sure sounds horrible. I really hope it can be mended! I can’t wait to start on exercising post partum. But I’m waiting for the go ahead from my doc so I don’t get ab separation or Lord knows what else! Haha!

  2. Ooh. I had that first one – for all 4 of my pregnancies. But I never had the other two. That 3rd one sure sounds horrible. I really hope it can be mended! I can’t wait to start on exercising post partum. But I’m waiting for the go ahead from my doc so I don’t get ab separation or Lord knows what else! Haha!

    • I’m glad you didn’t have to endure the itching that’s for sure! The Diastasis really came as a surprise, mostly because I had forgotten all about it. There still is about 1/2″ gap in between my abs. I did have some very bad back pain post partum now I am thinking may have been related to that? Its good to hear that you are excited to do post partum workouts! I have a Pinterest board with some great ones from beginner to later on advanced! Thanks for stopping by!

          • Yes I took photos!! Not too many with my first – I think because I was working I didn’t have time! :( But my 2nd and 3rd pregnancies I have weekly bump pics!

          • That’s great that you were able to take more photos with the 2nd and 3rd pregnancies! How did they all differ? Or were there many similarities between each one?

          • My 1st and 3rd were the same I carried the same, I felt the same,everything was the same. Even down to the sickness till 18 weeks and nausea through out. 2nd one was totally different, I carried much MUCH bigger, had very little sickness which stopped altogether at 14 weeks but I also got SPD (which I did get in number 3 too the only thing that differed in the pregnancies!)

            #1 was a girl – Lily
            #2 was a boy – Declan
            #3 I thought would be a girl nope a boy – Harry

            How about your pregnancies?

  3. Came over from Jennifer’s Shine Blog Hop. Since my wife Kathilynn just went through her 12th pregnancy. Baby boy.

    Roman Ondi Matamatafua Buckley.

    Yes, I said twelve.

    The experiences have ranged from insomnia and toxemia, to diabetes and belching uncontrollably like a sailor (liked the last one, actually…made me laugh).

    Since I’m the man, I certainly cannot say what she felt…only that I have tried to make sure to be there for her needs–whatever those may be. Even when there were times she just wanted to know I was listening.

    (well, that and to bring her ice cream)

    Can I just say I think you ladies are beautiful, remarkable and that I admire you?


    My opinions don’t matter here, I realize that–but I do hope your husbands remind each of you that, to us, you are that much more lovely…for bringing life into our families.

    Oh, how amazing you are!
    (ok, I’m going now…)

    • Thank you for the kind words! Oh my goodness 12!!!!!!!!!! Your wife is an amazing woman! God bless her! Your opinion mattets and is very thoughtful! She’s blessed to have you.! Thank you for stopping by? How did you come across the site I wonder?

  4. Pregnancy makes your body do the weirdest things. I figured morning sickness was limited to the morning (joke was on me), there was no way I’d get the linea nigre (there is still a trace of it 15 months postpartum), and surely I wouldn’t be one of those pregnant women who can only wear flip flops because of ridiculously swollen feet (but I had to wear compression stockings a lot because the swelling in my feet and legs was so bad). Somehow we get through it all and even manage to forget much of it…and do it all over again! :)

    Enjoyed reading this post at the SHINE Blog Hop!

    • Awe, yes thankfully we get through it. I dont know about forgetting all about it though. Lol Although they say the “trauma ” of birth can become hidden deep in the memory bank so we do continue to procreate lol

  5. What a beautiful mama! I had fairly uncomplicated pregnancies. But after delivery of #2 I have to make sure I’m fairly close to a bathroom at all times! Lol

  6. You’re sure beautiful in those pictures. Wish I could look even half that good post baby!! The stretch marks never went away and due to medication, I can’t lose the weight, so I’ll just learn to be proud of the “leftovers” :)

  7. I had the PUPPPs too! OMG, I don’t wish even my worst enemy to have that, lol. It is miserable. I was already missing sleeps because of the discomfort during the pregnancy. The itchiness didn’t help at all. Many times I cried because of it.

    Hey, great pictures! I love looking all those glowing pictures of yours :)

  8. Sounds like you had an interesting pregnancy! I didn’t experience any of these, but there’s still time yet when we decide to add to our family!

    Thank you for sharing with us at #MommyMeetupMondays!

  9. Popping over to say hi from Paula’s link up party. I’d heard of the first condition but not the last two! I’m trying for a baby so I’m trying to find out as much as I can about pregnancy right now!

    • Thank you for stopping by Karen! Keep up the good research! I have another post about Trying to Conceive (TTC) if you want to have a peek :) I look forward to keeping in touch and hearing about your journey!

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