This is quite possibly one of the easiest DIY projects requiring the least amount of construction “know how” while packing the most designer punch! This table is a functional statement piece that will hold many family meals and dinner parties for years to come. So why bother make your own?

Well, for starters, compared to retail prices, tables like this one start at an upwards of $2300!!!

(Restoration Hardware)

This project, on the other hand, cost under $80 Canadian from start to finish! That’s cheaper than a good pair of jeans these day s for heavens’ sake! We didn’t have to wait around all day for furniture delivery men to deny scratching our walls either. The supplies were bought at a local hardware store and the whole thing can be completed in a short couple of days!'”

 Dog Pillow Couches!

By the grace of God, my husband and I were blessed with a 1890’s original brick farm house for our first home. As for design style, we knew we wanted to keep hints of that rustic country charm reminiscent of the time period but also wanted to blend in some modernity. The hardwood floors were original but had been previously sanded and re-stained by the sellers and are in great shape!


As for furnishings, you can see we didn’t have much, lol. So to go out and buy all new was definitely out of the question. After scouring the market for ideas, we came to realize that we could never afford any of the styles we really liked.

Naturally, or would have a solution! Presto! We found this easy tutorial to make the table we thought would only be a pipe dream. We literally followed the instructions to a ‘T” with only a few modifications to suit our style and were so happy with the results!


Supplies to pick up;

    • 4 – 2″x10″ @ 6 feet long (knotty pine, the “knottier the better!” *This will be the table top, it comes precut at this length! = Less for you to do!)
    • 7 – 2″x4″ @ 6 feet long
    • 1 – 1″x4″ @ 12 feet long
    • 3” screws, 2 ½” PH screws, 2” finish nails
    • Sandpaper varying grits
    • Hammer/Saw
    • Wood Glue
    • Rag/Sponge for stain application
    • Stain colour of your choice! That’s it!

 – See full instructions

Table Tips

The knottier the better


Get your minds out of the gutter! I’m talking about wood, Pine to be specific. Try and nab the flattest or best planed planks so your tableware isn’t lopsided during dinner. (You can only blame the wine for so long) Having said that, you want to find planks that have more knots and natural grooves to add a rustic and natural character to the finished table.

Bumping elbows


A table place setting should be minimum 23″  wide but 30″ is considered ample if you plan on wider chairs. We opted for the shorter, precut plank table top pieces which left each place setting at 24″. It is admittedly a little tight but we managed to find perfectly sized studded upholstered dining chairs on for a great price!

Couples team building  exercise

For those that have never tackled a DIY with your spouse, this is a great test of a relationship! lol It doesn’t matter if the task is simple or tough as a newly wed couple personalities will at times clash. But it is all a part of learning and growing stronger together. Once its complete, you can both feel confident you helped to make the house feel like a home!


harvest6What larger DIY projects have you tackled with your spouse? How well did it go? : ) Comment below!


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  1. You worked your magic on that table! I can’t believe it was only $80! That blows my mind. I love it! I’m stopping by from bloggy moms comminuty wishing you a happy Saturday.

  2. This is gorgeous! I am in love and if we had the room, my hubby would be working on that ASAP. I love that you will have that table for a lifetime and have the special memory of making it together! Thank you so much for sharing this post at the Sat. Soiree & Social Media Share! I hope you’ll continue to join us every week!

  3. Oh my goodness, I LOVE the table! That’s exactly the type I want my husband to make when we eventually move. :-) Thanks for linking up with the Faith and Fellowship Blog Hop!

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