This is another one of those DIY statement piece projects that has longevity, is totally functional and packs a lot of visual punch! We decided to hang it in our LO’s nursery but I have also seen them hung in the hallway for the whole family to share! I had some left over wood from my DIY Harvest Table so, making this wooden growth chart ruler was a no brainer! (especially since there is no cutting involved and I had left over stain) It can be personalized and decorated to match the decor of the nursery or room you choose to display it in. To continue with our neutral coloured nursery theme, we chose a dark stain that matched the original wood floors.

This won’t break the bank either! One plank of pine costs $7 or less and I used some left over stain from another DIY project.

Here’s what you’ll need;


-1- 6′ knotty pine plank


-measuring tape/ square, pencil

-stencil (if not freehand)

-rag/brush applicator

-paint/stain of your choice

-hardware to hang

That’s it!

Step #1

Sand the entire plank of wood in the direction of the grain. You don’t want anyone getting a splinter on the back of their heads while being measured!


Step #2

-Wipe the plank with a damp rag to remove the dust

Step #3

-Use a rag or paintbrush to apply your stain/colour. Again, it’s best to go with the grain when applying.

Step #4

-Allow product to dry for recommended time ( I let it dry overnight )


Step #5

-Measure and mark every foot and then inches in between

Step #6

-Personalize and paint the numbers, you can do these free hand or get cheap stencils at the dollar store and allow to dry.

I didn’t varnish or wax the finished product because you are going to have to keep writing on it. I will use a white marker pen or different coloured Sharpies to mark my LO’s growth.


Step #7

-You’re done! Hang in desired location! Be careful to account for placement. We have 1′ high baseboards so I started my growth chart at 2′. If yours will be right on the floor than you may want to start at 1′.


Have you tried to make your own wooden growth chart ruler? Comment below if so and if you have any tips!


17 Comments on DIY Wooden Growth Chart Ruler

  1. This is beautiful! My Aunt actually made my daughter and all the other kids these for Christmas. Here were not exactly the same but the same concept. I think they are great.

  2. I love this and I meant to make/buy one when I had Caleb but never did. Good thing I’ve kept track of his height so that I can add it when I finally get around to it. Your painted personalization turned out great, thank you for sharing!

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